Monday, June 04, 2007

Garden Art

I was literally pulled into Home Goods today by these pieces! Once in awhile I follow my intuition just to find out what happens; usually I fight against that inner voice, after all "I know best." It all started with a garden show on TV and a sleepless night. The episode that I taped was focused on garden art and even though I already have a few pieces that I brought with me from Pacific Grove there is always room for more, especially now that it's too hot to plant anything that might survive the brutal heat! I have no idea why but I've always been drawn to horses; I have a few horse sculptures in the house but none in the garden. For some reason I "felt" that Home Goods would have a metal horse of some kind that I could hang on the brick wall. I was barely inside of the store when the weather vane almost jumped into my cart. Always optimistic I immediately decided that it would be out of my price range. Wrong! It was below what I would have paid for it. Off to the clearance section where I found the metal piece that I had envisioned needing for a bare spot in the garden that is in need of something tall. It was only $8.00; the top ornament is missing. It was the shape that I wanted anyway. Next to it was a $5.00 resin faux stone pig that was begging to go home with me; Stacy collects pigs. But it was the cat figurine that quietly made her presence known. I was on my way to the check-stand when I caught a glimpse of her. Only her face was visible behind some rather bland pieces that were of no interest to me. I kept going but she whispered to me that she'd been waiting for me to show up. When I moved the pieces that were in front of her I knew that I'd found a treasure! Her Highness Cloe is now contentedly sitting near the water fountain where she can observe the yard and make sure that the house furkids don't wander out into the yard.
(do click on the photos to enlarge them.)

I'll hang the metal horse once that area has been finished. The retaining wall bricks are baking in the sun and gravel is piled against the brick wall. I don't have the stamina in this heat to rake the gravel away from the wall much less finish the retaining wall and fill the area with soil. Hopefully someone will come along to finish the job.

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