Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sun Damaged Red Pepper

I absolutely couldn't resist photographing the red pepper, but what to put the 3 inch marvel on?

I discovered a chunk of rusted paper towel in the garage today that instantly became a paper towel rock! No one in the world has this rock formation! Or, for that matter the red pepper that dropped off of the plant late last night (most likely from heat stroke!) or the rusted tissue paper either! One-of-a-kinds! Oh how I love them!

The image on the right is an example from a fabric wrapped bottle that was rusted in bits of steel wool and then dunked in white vinegar. The fabric, a polyester/cotton white sheet, was wrapped around the bottle for at least 5 days before the unveiling. The organic markings are little vignettes spread out randomly over the fabric. Lovely!

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