Thursday, June 07, 2007

h is for hydrangea

A digital postcard for the exchange on EV? I'm not sure yet. (Kinda yucky colors!) I started with photos of a hydrangea and added 8 layers of brushes that were either included with PSE 4 or that I created from postmarks. I love it when the result looks more intricate than it is.

I've never had a hydrangea plant before; I've had a life-long dislike of the plant. I have no idea why, but perhaps it's because they were so abundant when I was growing up. I nearly killed this one when I put it out directly into the hot sun! The leaves burnt around the edges which sent me scrambling for the gardening book. They seem to like some shade and a touch of sun. Why in the world was this plant sitting in the sun at the nursery and why sell something so fragile out here in the desert?? My guess is that there is always a sucker who will come along and buy anything! I photographed the huge flower blossom just in case the plant never blooms again. What I saw through the viewfinder was more exciting than I thought the hydrangea ever could be!

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