Saturday, June 09, 2007

Rust Dyeing

Rust dyeing or staining? I think that these pieces fall under the staining category.

The tissue paper was stained when I dried the rusted felt piece on it, the lutradur which is the bottom right odd shaped piece was definitely stained from a baking sheet and the wrapped chenille stem was made from dryer sheets that were also stained from a baking sheet. Or dyed!

I wrapped a couple of dryer sheets around the chenille stem and then blasted it with a heat gun. I've never heard or read of anyone doing this before, but I imagine someone has! Anyway, when the dryer sheets were blasted with the heat gun they melted and grabbed onto the chenille stem making a permanent bond. Cool fusing technique! I've been working on a mandala for a couple of weeks now; it's giving me problems. I think that the wrapped chenille stem is the answer to how to define a troublesome area on the mandala.

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