Sunday, May 27, 2007

The last weekend in May!!

The last weekend of May?! I remain completely disoriented; the dilemma started last Oct. when we arrived here. Seasons? As far as I can determine there is only one season here; hot!! Plants that were struck by a week-long bout of frost in January have recovered better than I imagined they would. I don't remember the frost as being anything more than something that attacked many of the plants in the area including the bougainvillea and citrus; I simply don't remember being cold.

The latest fiber piece, Purple Passion, begged for soldering iron distressing. By the time I got the piece distressed I was in a state of distress! The temperature in the garage, even with the side door open, must have been over 100. I had a fan blowing on me to not only keep the fumes away from me but to dry the sweat pouring off of me, or is it glow? There are days when I can't fathom why we moved here! And then I remember: my youngest daughter lives a little over two hours away rather than eight long hours, my grandsons have "sleep-overs," I have a new house, mom is only a few feet away, (she fainted last Sunday when her BP crashed due to a side effect from a trial med. Happily, I didn't need to drive to her house to take care of her!) I don't live where mildew and mold are prevalent enough to cause the FM symptoms to worsen, and the sky is mostly blue rather than steel grey from thick fog. But, there isn't enough green, no ocean, no cool temps, the hospital is old without private rooms, the doctors are practically all from foreign countries which creates communication problems, and I miss my best friend! Yep, having a moment of self-pity!

A good Internet friend, what would I do without the Internet?!?!, and I decided to try a challenge. I tossed out an idea of felting or creating a fiber piece on a metal hoop. I know how to attach a warp to a hoop having created numerous mandala woven pieces but couldn't figure out how to attach either felt or ludtradur. I've now encased a 12 inch hoop inside of lutradur, my secret, and while I was waiting for some glue (a hint) to dry I worked on a piece I had put aside over a week ago. The piece is nearly done with the exclusion of mounting it onto a textured mat board and then framing it.
Materials: grey acrylic felt, fun fibers, raw wool that was blended by carding three colors and textures together, tufts of mohair and dyed fabric.

And now on to the mandala!

Quote: Happiness cannot be found. It can only be.
Sally Huss

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