Thursday, May 10, 2007

White and Ivory

Well I finally did it! I tortured a piece of felt! I'm extremely cautious with materials that might bother my sensitive immune system so I had never melted plastic or felt. But now that I have a ventilated garage to work in I've started working on pieces to experiment on. Armed with a heat gun and wood burning tool I literally attacked the 8x10 inch felted piece. I really like how the edges of the felt burnt and curled. But then I'm very fond of the distressed/aged look. There is one thing I want to change, minor, but it bothers me and I'm positive that it's noticeable.

I seem to be a monochromatic mood lately. I wonder what that's all about?

We're on the second day of "triple digit" heat. The temp is holding at 103. At least the sky is clear and the winds have died down. I've been spending about an hour every evening working in the garden. I only stop when the light has gone from the sky. I do my best work by moonlight.

Quote: The only rule in art is what works.
Lee Fleming

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