Thursday, May 03, 2007

Happy May!

The background is a painted paper towel. Huge surprise! I was wandering around Home Depot yesterday after putting 16 bricks into my cart and these lovelies shouted at me, "Take us home!" What could I do? They have the oddest petals I've seen on a daisy-like plant. The purple section of my garden only has some pitiful looking Lavender plants growing in it so along with the daisies 2 Pincushion plants jumped into the cart. The Pincushion blossoms won't hold up on the scanner; the daisies barely did. A few petals twisted and a few fell off.

This is the first day I haven't felt the need to turn on the AC in 3 weeks. Nice to have the windows open and only the ceiling fans whirling around creating a breeze. I have a feeling that the furkiddies would prefer that the AC was cooling them off.

I find that when I choose a plant it's often with a few things in mind. It needs to be drought and heat tolerant and easy to grow but more importantly the plant needs to have some sort visual appeal for my artwork. If I can photograph the foliage or blossoms I'm happy, but if I can also scan or dry them I'm thrilled. To be considered for my garden the plant needs to "shout at me."

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