Sunday, May 06, 2007

Flower smashing

When I spotted the bright red oleander flowers that seem to have sprouted overnight I couldn't wait to try smashing them! A lot of the flowers in my garden are too precious to try smashing or they aren't pulpy/juicy/pigmented enough. Having stepped on a few red oleander flowers in the past I knew that they'd be perfect to experiment with on paper towels. The traditional way of smashing (or pounding) flowers is done on fabric. Paper usually doesn't hold up to a hammer or mallet enough; splitting or tearing occurs. But a strong paper towel works beautifully. I liked the results of smashing the flowers enough on white paper towels to start experimenting on painted ones. Additional work will be done on the two pieces above.

Quote: Without effort there is no growth.
Effort is everything.
Sally Huss

Make an effort today to do something for yourself!

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