Saturday, May 05, 2007

Prepped Journal pages

One of a few conditions I had before even considering a move to the desert was that there had to be a Trader Joe's very close by! Most of the meals we have have a food in them from TJ's. They have the sort of food I like, healthy but not so ridiculous as to have no flavor or too heavy that one is aware of eating healthy. Plus, the prices are outstanding! Speciality items abound like the lemon dill sauce that is drizzled over every bite of fish. The local TJ's was only a few months old when we started looking into the move! Why do I bring this up? The pages below are created from tearing out images from paper bags from TJ's! They encourage recycling bags by offering a ticket for every bag you take in to reuse. None of my tickets have been drawn from the monthly drawing, but I'm hopeful. This bag, however, ended up on the pages in my journal. All of these images are from one bag. The bottom right is my favorite. The middle one reminds of Dr. Seuss drawings, especially the fish. (Click on the pages to see an enlargement.) I got a bit messy with the top one, but what the heck; if one can't have fun in a journal what's the point?

I can't remember that last time I watched the Kentucky Derby, but there I was this afternoon glued to the set! Every intention I had upon rising this morning was to create a fabric piece or finish one, but there I was watching the horse race! I do seem to have a thing for horses. I rented "Flicka" for Stacy last week so she could watch it on her portable DVD player during her dialysis treatment. I thought that "Flicka" might be a little on the saccharine side for me, but I enjoyed it. Tim McGraw did an okay job playing the father. It was the horses that caught my attention though. Absolutely beautiful shots of them.

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