Thursday, June 05, 2014

Wonderfulicious Wednesday Digital Play

 Memorial Day weekend in Vegas provided photo opps galore. 
Photo of Faux Venice blended with an image of a decayed pot. 
When I moved into a newly built house everything was too perfect; seven years later the desert summer heat has aged some things to perfection. I've recorded the decaying process from a highly glazed pot
to one that is nearly unglazed. Yes, I do prefer decay.

I found some dried stalks from Palm Trees in the yard this morning that begged to be photographed. Hours later after exploring numerous ways to use the images I came across a technique that has already become a favorite. Loving PSE again! Dried stalks against dyed fabric. 

Rose photo from last year layered a couple of times with textures. 


Maria Avila said...

I Love The roses. The colors, texturas,everything in it.

Caterina Giglio said...

They are just gorgeous, you have such an eye and the textures make me want to touch them! xo