Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wonderfulicious Wednesday

 Printing on fabric is "interesting" especially when the ink cartridges love to be cleaned
 more often than I care to do.
But the images on fabric . . . well, they're just too divine! The softness of fabric, torn edges, loose threads combined with machine stitching is something I've missed doing. 
 This piece is without a purpose other than it gave me something to think about rather
 than the usual thoughts.
 The piece was started at least 4 years ago with photos taken in France
and Italy including one of 
Monet's Garden. the water lily below.
 The recent additions are photos taken in my garden, not quite as exquisite as Monet's
but the traveling was easy.
Two images of the Calla Lily stitched over an image of a painted wall taken at Hotel Villa Stanley
Florence, Italy. The photo of a rooftop was also shot at the Villa.
The background fabric is a discharged screen print.


Penny said...

This looks really interesting, amazing what one comes up with.

PAMO said...

Gorgeous! I love your art and I love your story.
I especially loved your reflection that "the traveling was easy."
Art from four years ago combined with art of today... a lovely winner! Go you!!!

Caterina Giglio said...

this is so stunning!! I think you need to show this off a bit more on FB!! of course I am partial to the lilies, but the whole thing is just amazing!!! xox

Julie said...

I wish we weren't on separate continents Gail, I think we could have some fun together :-) Your photo images are so rich and I particularly like the way you have stitched them. I am a great lover of raw edges and loose threads so this speaks to me on a lot of levels.