Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Mom continues to fade deeper into Alzheimer's; this piece exemplifies my emotions. 
A few years ago she said that "it's all fading away." She couldn't describe
what that felt like but I think it summed up what was happening.
The dove in the front is me watching mom fade away . . .

Sea Urchin cactus trio doing their early morning Sunflower Act. 

Sea Urchin cactus photo-bombing.


My favorite words: daughter, mom, and grandma.


Julie said...

Your image of yourself as the dove looking back at your mom is very moving. My mum's experience is different from your mom's as she is less aware of losing touch but the sense of loss is the same for me as she is no longer the mum I knew, so in a similar way is fading away.

What a glory your cacti are.

PAMO said...

Happy Mother's Day Gail!

Your top piece is so poignant. What a fabulous work of art and so aptly describes your emotional process.

Lovely photos too.
Hope you've had a good day.

queenopearls said...

Sis, your photos are so right on. You know I love them. Even the photo bombing sea urchin bloom... cutie bloom.
I'm happy to see the copyright notices on the photos as well. Sweet! Rock on Photo Woman!!

ART*ticulation said...

Hey the pics definitely right on, I know what you mean about your mom, much the same with mine. One day about a month ago she had a moment of clarity. She said I never thought I get old enough to have this happen to me. She then forgot that.