Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday Sun Printing

A dear friend got me started researching sun printing which is dangerous; I can spend hours
looking at blogs etc. Anyway, I finally tried one, which didn't quite work.
 Printing on yellow might not be a good idea. Plus, I don't think that the leaves had made
 good enough contact with the fabric. Round two was much better. I painted Cerulean Blue
 over the yellow. There is a ghost print, the turquoise,
from the first printing. No stem though.

 I assumed that if I squished the leaves with a small pane of glass the print would be crisp and maybe 
stems would print. The flattened leaves resulted in both of these prints. Lots of interesting
paint texture, blotchy and some leaf imprints. I might do this again. The previously dyed fabric 
is from a batch that could benefit from over-dyeing, or this case, sun printed on.

Two imprints on a scrap of fabric that was previously dyed.

This image doesn't do the fabric justice. I have a few yards of pastel dyed fabric 
that had been set aside to over-dye. Light blue, yellow, and a red. The light blue
 shows through where
the leave imprint is and some of the other colors gave the coffee dyed sun print
 more of an organic look.

There is something satisfying about a stack of prints on a work table.  


Julie said...

Oooh, that's a good idea to squash everything down. I shall have to try that next time. You've got some lovely marks too.

ART*ticulation said...

Oh yes the glass on top makes a lot of difference, I think it jus depends on the look you want. I like all your prints. I could see different ones in different projects.
"C" said she did some sun prints yesterday and though she said they turned out good, she didn't like um.
Have fun!!!!!