Friday, June 27, 2014

FF - Friday Fotos

Lately, I've needed to go to My Happy Place, the one that resides in my mind, and create
what I call Mind Art. I sit on this hotel balcony in Positano, Italy and breathe in the memory
of complete peace that I had there. 

The view from the hotel balcony. 
How come I'm living in the desert when it's the ocean that makes me feel so alive? 
It seemed like a good idea 8 years ago when the damp foggy days seemed to
be adding to the list of ailments. 

About half-a-mile down the winding road was
the restaurant we ate at the night before I took
this photo. If you look carefully you'll 
see where I wrote, "our table."

When I'm creating Mind Art I often think of how 
things were displayed on the streets in Positano.
There is an artful display of garments hanging
from the walls in the image above.

When one can't travel to Italy then Las Vegas will do.
Using a few photo apps I was able to get a
fairly decent effect of the Venetian exterior.
And below of the Canal, which did have
a Disneyland look to it. 

Positano. Five years ago this month. 

And one for Caterina who posted an image of
Skeleton leaves on her blog that nearly
had me swooning. I adore decay.
Instant gratification through PSE
and Voila. a digital version
of a skeleton leaf.
Be sure to visit Caterina's blog where
I find beauty and peace. 


queenopearls said...

Gorgeous!!! ::: deep breath ::: Wonderful photos and photo work Gail! Truly spectacular. :)

PAMO said...

Well- I'm glad I clicked over from Facebook! I missed out on all these other photos. So gorgeous.

You are an artist through and through. Beautiful.