Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Fotos

 For someone who can't draw or paint . . . apps are absolutely beyond fabulous! 
I keep finding new ones to play with. My latest find is Waterlogue. If I worked in
watercolors the image below is what I would aim for. Though, the photo
above isn't too bad on its own. 

 These seed pods are from cactus that is growing near the Mail Room and 
in border around the gated community I live in. Doesn't "gated" sound grand? Or ostentatious?
 In the area I live in most of the communities are gated. 

Last week the sky was full of glorious clouds and for once I remembered to take
the camera/iPhone with me when I drove up to the Mail Room.
(I rarely use the iPhone as a phone) Coming out of the Mail Room this view 
caught my eye. But, houses and a portion of the parking lot . ..  well, didn't do
much for me. 
A little cropping, a little removing houses + the Waterlogue app
 and suddenly I was Italy? Well, a person can dream.

In the last post are some photos of Positano that until I discovered
the Waterlogue app I thought were the effect I was hoping for.
Both of the photos below are definitely more of how I "feel" about
the hotel balcony in Positano. You never know when something 
better will come along. I had hoped an app or technique would
show up with just the right effect, and it did. If only
everything in life was as easy. 

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PAMO said...

These photos are SO COOL! You are making such great use of your photo apps. WOW!!!