Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Garden Fotos

A Sleepless night led to being greeted in the garden with this bloom! Can't complain about 
the lack of sleep when I was
gifted the opportunity to photograph the flower. I missed the first
two blooms last week when the heat wilted them before 9am. 

By 10am the flower had closed up and now at 11am the sun is burning the tips. 
This is the first morning in months that the morning was cool enough 
to spend some quality time in the garden. 

 Our furkid, Spencer, joined me on the patio much to the dismay of the hordes of birds that
daily visit the feeder. The finches return if we sit still enough.


 One dove attempted to be brave enough to scrounge the ground for seed, 
but after a couple of minutes flew off.

Safe on the neighbors roof this dove kept looking me in the eye, or giving me the eye. 

Wishing everyone a Super Sunday.


Maria Avila said...

Hi Gail !
You are a very luck person to be surrounded by nature and cactus flowers. Great shots. Thanks for sharing.
A big hug from Brazil

Anonymous said...

Hello! It's been so long since I last stopped by...and I'm so glad I did! Such beautiful images, indeed!!

Julie said...

Beauty all round and some of it so fleeting which makes it all the more special. I hope you've had a lovely Sunday. x

queenopearls said...

Gorgeous cactus flowers!!! Oooo movies for $500. lol You have created a beautiful haven. Thank you for the beautiful photos!!

Penny said...

Don't envy you the heat but it has been cold wet and windy here although finally I hope a bit of sun, it's been so Grey and dreary for so long. Love your beautiful photos.

PAMO said...

Gorgeous GORGEOUS flowers and garden photos!
Sorry you couldn't sleep but glad you got the spectacular photo.

What a great variety of birds too! I bet Spencer was thrilled. :-)

Karen Christensen said...

LOVE your photographs! Early mornings are my favorite times. Always nice to watch the birds at that hour.