Monday, August 10, 2009

Positano, Italy

The road from Amalfi to Positano zigzags more than any road I've ever been on; it's exhausting and we thought about shouting, "We survived the Amalfi Coast!" The middle photo on the left is one of the better shots I got of the twisty road. A lot of the terrain looks like the top left photo. The first sighting of Positano is thrilling; the road barrier is visible in the foreground of the middle right photo.
I've mentioned "the walk" we took from the parking garage down, down, down, into town earlier so I won't repeat that. On one of the curves we came across the scene in the upper left. Amazingly enough I was able to also photograph it from the hotel balcony, gotta love a zoom lens! Middle right, on either side of the dome is a smidgen of the beach. (click on photos to enlarge)

Street scenes photographed from the car. (yes, I did make a duplicate of one of the photographs. I used it in my journal layout.)

Upper left, stairs from one street level to another street, or you can drive. Two more laundry scenes. Middle left, taken from the car. Middle right, directly across from the hotel. Bottom left, mosaics on a wall and pavement just before the beach where the dome is in a photo in the second montage above. Bottom right, cactus growing out of a small pot, two stories high. It must love the climate.

Upper left, me. Upper right, the bougainvillea encrusted hotel, our room was in the middle on the top floor. Middle left, view from the balcony. Remaining photos are of the restaurant and view from it of the village at night. Our table was right next to the road. I can still hear the cars and vespas passing us by while we dined under the stars. Heavenly! Next, Pompeii.
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