Friday, August 21, 2009


Some of my favorite images of Pompeii. I wasn't expecting such a photographically challenging and fascinating place. We bought a book about Pompeii in the gift shop on our way out of the "proper" front entrance where we grabbed a taxi to take us back to the smaller and less crowded back entrance. The book is filled with facts some of which are here: As usual, click on the photos to enlarge
Journal: On the morning of June 12th we left Postiano with the idea of stopping in Sorrento, but the ocean-side city didn't intrigue once we left the twisty mountain road and entered the crowded streets. On to Pompeii. Hm, industrial area and tenement looking apartments along the autostrada didn't make for a grand entrance to Pompeii, but we prevailed and ended up at the back entrance to the ruins. The men who enticed us into the parking lot couldn't have been nicer, "Be sure to use our restrooms before seeing the ruins, nothing over there, no shelter either so have lots of water, and if you're going to eat do it now. " Okay! We did all three and crossed the street to the uncrowded entrance where we were greeted by guides looking for willing tourists. We chose to see the ruins without a guide which might have been a mistake, but the fee was high and we were weary and decided we probably wouldn't make it through a tour, we were right! If it hadn't been so hot and dusty I could have photographed there for hours. When you hear that a city had been under ashes for centuries before excavation started you wouldn't expect to see such grandeur albeit in ruins still intact. Pompeii, isn't that a peculiar name for an Italian city, sounds Greek.

From there we ended up in a hotel recommended to us by the the gas station attendant who just happened to grow up in San Francisco. When his parents divorced he ended up in Italy where his father was from, the Umbria region, rather than in Turkey where his American mother decided to live. The hotel was perfectly situated right off of the autostrada and the dining room was still open. When fatigue robs you of most of your brain cells it's good to find accommodations easily!

Next, Orvieto, and one of a travelers worst nightmares, and the last night in Italy in magnificent Florence. Yes, I'm dragging the trip on as long as I can. The home front has been stressful so I'd prefer living, mentally, anywhere but where I am.

Quote: There are thousands of causes for stress, and one antidote to stress is self-expression. That's what happens to me every day. My thoughts get off of my chest, down my sleeves and onto my pad. Garson Kanin

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Julie said...

Gail, I'm just catching up and I'm sorry to see that things are tough at the moment. I am thinking about you and send you a hug.