Saturday, August 08, 2009

Fini and Amalfi

The spiral bound travel journal is finally finished! Not only did I cull through over 1500 photos, but I went online and looked up historical facts to add to the journal and that ended up side tracking me for days on end. Oddly enough, I usually enjoy discovering facts after a trip rather than prior to it. Maybe I prefer my initial response to a place and not have my head filled with details. whatever the reason the trip that started on June 4th has now come to a nice conclusion and I can start using some of the photos in my work. The two spreads above are indicative of what the interior of the journal looks like.
Almalfi! Oh my, was I really there? A plate of Ravioli so good that I didn't want to finish it. We sat at the corner table with a view of the Mediterranean and village. (below left is a shot of the deck and the corner table.) The cathedral. No, I didn't walk up the stairs.

The village.

More favorite photos.

Above left bottom is the exit tunnel out of Amalfi. Doesn't look like much does it? We nearly went through it rather than make a left turn into the parking area.
From here we went to Positano.


darlene aKa HugGeR said...

Gail fantablious I love the whole thing you put it together so well. Now later on down the road you can look at it and reminisce how superb!

Julie said...

Beautiful photographs Gail and so much inspiration. Your journal will be a wonderful reminder and a great resource.

mary ann said...

gail, love love love your amalfi photos!!! i did walk up those very stairs and about 9 million more on my way from ravello to minori.
oh doesn't travel make life RICH? sigh...