Sunday, September 16, 2007

Texture Plates

Why make my own texture plates? Because I'm looking for a more free-form design than most of the plastic ones provide. And, why not?! This is the site that started it all: And then I discovered circle pasta at the grocery store. Nope, not make Raviolio's, or whatever that canned pasta dish is.
Example 1: Not sure where I was going with this but it was great fun. I gave it a test run on a rust dyed paper towel using a Shiva Iridescent Red paintstik. A ghost image next to each circle appeared when the paper towel shifted a little; I like it! The bottom examples were done on a paper bag from Trader Joe's. (paper bags used to protect wine bottles. As with most things from Trader Joe's these are special; they have red sides on them!) The center and the one on the right are of the texture plate above; Three different colors were used. With each color change the paper was moved around on the texture plate. The one on the left is from example #3.

Example #2. Pretty much self-explanatory. A rust dyed paper towel was again used for the test run.

Lines! Everything seems to be about lines right now; lately, I seem to be attracted to them. Paper towel on the right, rust dyed muslin on the bottom with Iridescent Blue Shiva paintstik


Judy Rys said...

I used many things for rubbing, but never considered turning cooked spaghettin shapes into rubbing plates! Learn something new every day.

Gail P. said...

Thanks for dropping by!
I know what you mean, about the time I think that there isn't a new way to do something along comes a different approach,