Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lutradur, lace, and Cheesecloth

There is something seductive about lutradur and when a new idea comes along using this fabulous material I feel compelled to meet the challenge.In the premiere issue of Fibre and Stitch is an article by Carol McFee titled Lutradur and Lace. I suddenly knew what to do with some lace I had purchased about 2 years ago at a Thrift Shop. I'm not fond of the lace pattern, too frilly for me, but when I started cutting it apart to glue onto the lutradur the reason I had purchased the lace became clear; texture! The idea of this technique is to layer lace and cheesecloth onto lutradur to create textural designs or a pattern or . . . And then paint the surface.Once the lace, cheesecloth (and paper strips) were loosely adhered I turned the lutradur over and painted it with crimson fluid acrylic. An exciting thing happened. The crimson paint that flowed into the lutradur didn't completely saturate the strips of lace and cheesecloth on the front side but it did create a layer of color behind them; the cheesecloth and lace remained mostly white. (I wish that the camera had been able to discern some of the details) I didn't have a plan in mind when I created the vertical lines with the lace, etc, but once the crimson paint dried a plan started to develop; one I wouldn't normally have gone in. I've never used this palette of crimson, gold, burnt umber, and green before. At this point I'm considering a few possibilities for further work on it. In person this piece looks like vintage fabric


Linda said...

wow Gail, gorgeous!!

Penny said...

I like this I must play with it some more as I thought mine looked rather ho hum