Monday, September 24, 2007


I'm not sure that this piece is finished yet, but it's closer! Practically every fiber was felted onto lutradur. Nope, I don't own an embellisher, just felting needles. Some of the cording has been whipped stitched on.

Later: Now that I've photographed the mandala it's easier to see where some more work needs to be done.

The quote below reminded me of how this year unfolded. I knew going into it that there were going to be lots of bumps along the way, but what I imagined was worse than how things turned out. This year on Oct. 2ND. instead of waiting for a moving van to arrive with all of my possessions I'll be sitting in a chair at the dentist! Not the best way to celebrate!
Quote: I have been through some terrible things in my life--some of which actually happened. Mark Twain.


Linda said...

Gail, your mandala is gorgeous! I have got to work on something circular, I just love it.

Anna said...

Gail thanks for commenting on my blog - your work is awesome esp this mandala - love it!