Thursday, September 20, 2007

Embossed Metal

Oh my gosh! I was able to finally turn off the AC and open the windows! What a treat! I'd forgotten how nice it is to have fresh air. After dinner I was able to sit out on the patio and enjoy the gentle breeze and sound of the water fountain. I kept hearing, "just wait until summer is over and then you'll understand the lure of the desert." I'm starting to understand . . .

I had a scrap of gorgeous distressed fabric left over from the journal cover I made from one of Linda's Experimental Fabric Art Kits. The colors said "ocean" to me. I started playing around with metal and came up with this design. I also hand felted a few fibers onto the fabric in the hopes of suggesting movement . . . Wouldn't Linda's kits make great gifts?


Raewyn said...

So glad you are getting some coolness now and can begin to enjoy desert living.

Love the piece of artwork you have posted.
Colours are lovely :-)

Linda said...

Gail I love the embossed metal design, gorgeous!!