Saturday, July 28, 2007


Finally! Some new work! Stencils, as I feared, are difficult to cut out! Armed with a self-healing mat, a new craft knife, and hours of quiet all to myself (who says that insomnia isn't a good thing?!) I browsed through the clip art books until I came up with a few possibilities. Sleep eluded me until 3am.

The animal is supposed to be cougar; he ended up stenciled onto a journal page. The mono-printed flower stencil is more interesting to me than the stenciled version. Today, I woke up late and was immediately assaulted with, "I can't find anything! I was reading a book and when I came out of the bathroom it wasn't where I left it." This happens frequently with mom and I have absolutely no idea if she's finished the book and put it away or if she's put it in a "safe" place. She does put things in odd places for "safe-keeping" and I can only assume that she's done it again. I'm not in the mood to go on a hunting expedition so I said that I was positive it would show up. A few minutes later she came shuffling into my room again. "Now I can't the water glass! This is an awful day!" I have to agree!

Anyway, to squash today's frustration I worked on a postcard. Lots and lots of layers of stencils, rubber stamps, gesso covered foreign text and anything else I sitting around that I thought might look like mail art.

I have a huge urge to take flight and run away from home! This week has been full of stressful moments including receiving some alarming news about my health. The idea of being sent to a cardiologist wasn't something I expected to happen to me! Quote: Art is the only way to leave home without leaving home. Twyla Twarp
Later: A few additions to the postcard including a transparency from my personal collection. Yes, I've used the image before; it's obviously a favorite one. The placement of the transparency amused me. Notice the circle around the guys eye; it's from an earlier stamping of the number 8.

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