Friday, July 27, 2007

More Palm Trees!

More Palm Trees! Date Palms are everywhere! The white bags hanging from them, take my word for it there are bags hanging from them, indicate that harvesting will be soon. This is the second time since moving here that I've seen either white cotton bags or brown paper wrapped around the clusters of dates. Click on the photos to get a better idea . . .

The lower right photo was shot through the windshield, thus the blue cast of the sky. On my return trip to the dialysis clinic to pick up Stacy and mom I grabbed my camera so that I could get this shot. I turn left at the intersection, barely visible, and about a mile down Jackson St. is the view on the lower left. The clouds have been sensational this week! I still can't get over how barren the mountains are! Not a green speck on them.

I'm running on empty again! Energy deficit tries my patience! A close friend, Linda, sent me an Art Fiber Kit to experiment with and I'm itching to make a journal cover! Maybe tomorrow! Linda created a yummy piece of distressed fabric that is the highlight of the kit. I'm finding it difficult to cut and embellish the organic textural fabric. Why is it that one-of-a-kinds are so wrought with anxiety? Nothing should be so precious that we don't use it; saving something for later is nonsensical.

Check out Linda's blog!

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