Saturday, July 14, 2007

Not Yet!

The bloom hasn't opened yet, but it's getting closer! I can't remember a time when I didn't love the look of ink drawings; now I can create them the easy way with PSE.

Mom was sick yesterday with some sort of stomach problem that I didn't know about until I had to literally rush around getting organized so that I could sit with Stacy at the dialysis clinic. In her Alzheimer's state mom couldn't figure out why she could stay home in bed; after all, she's the one who sits with Stacy. She did however go back to bed when she finally realized that I could do the sitting. Confusion is an awful thing to deal with and my patience are often tried beyond my limits. I want to scream at the top of lungs, "I want my mom back!" This person who has invaded mom's body isn't the one that I know.
Mom is okay today, though, when she came staggering into the house a little while ago carrying her laundry basket because she noted that Stacy and I are doing the laundry today she said, "I can hardly stand it in my room." For the millionth time I asked, "Do you have the AC on?" She always looks perplexed when I ask that. It was 96 in her room when Stacy and I got home from the clinic. Mom was in her bed with a robe on under the blanket and comforter! "I did think that it was hot in here," she said when I turned on the AC, "but couldn't figure out what to do." Sheesh! 91 degrees in the casita today and she couldn't remember how to turn on the AC. She's staggering around today looking like she might fall over any second! I can't convince her to stop coming into the house to check on her laundry. It's only towels and underwear, nothing she needs to worry about. But I know she won't settle down until everything is put away; only then will she be able to stop holding onto the thought that she must remember to get her laundry out of the dryer.

I grabbed a stack of old magazines as I was racing out the door yesterday. I find that sitting for 3 hours at the clinic is a great time to go through old mags and cut out inspiring articles, quotes, and ideas. I had forgotten about Katherine Chang Liu's art until I rediscovered it in a Watercolor magazine. From the article: Liu explained that although the style of her painting had evolved from representational to abstract over the course of her career, she had always been interested in patterns, textures, and forms that capture her response to a place and an experience.
Sounds a little like me and I imagine a lot of others as well!

I googled her and found this:

In another issue of Watercolor magazine: "Though challenges may slow us down a little, perseverance makes us stronger," Linda L. Moyer, painter.

I know this quote to be true even though I often fight and curse the challenges that have occurred I have ended up through perseverance become stronger than I ever thought possible; deep inside I'm a wimp! I also persevere to find time to create and when there are long stretches between time in my studio/work space and care-giving I'm the crankiest person anyone can imagine! On that note I'm off to set up the sewing machine. I put away two weeks ago before R. visited.

Art soothes the crankiest beast.

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