Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Latch Hooked spine

The lower edge of the photo is a latch hooked spine I made for a journal cover. The colors match the distressed fabric that Linda created a lot better than is evident in the photo. For a tutorial about latch hooking go to:
For some reason I had assumed that I'd done latch hooking a long time ago, but after struggling with the first few strands of yarn I decided that I'd never used the tool before. My daughter made a few small rugs from kits; nice to know that I hadn't completely forgotten how to do it!

The next step for the removable journal book cover using the kit from Linda is to make a pellon cover that the spine and distressed fabric will be adhered to. Remembering the covers for text books? In case you don't here is a tut:

I've glued down the first fold to the size of the journal leaving the flap edge free so that the journal cover will slide into them. Next I'll glue the latch hook spine onto the center of the cover followed by a 1/3 of the distressed fabric. The back of the cover is yet to be created. (I'll photograph the steps later.) The remaining 2/3 of the fabric might become a wall hanging.

My comfort zone has been tampered with. I don't feel comfortable living here yet. Many days I feel like I'm struggling against the tide rather than flowing with it which causes stress, something I don't need more of.

I thought about tidying up the house before the AC repairman arrived today and then didn't. Wouldn't you know it he needed to go up into the attic; the hatch for the attic is in my master bedroom closet. No clothes in that closet; it's wall-to-wall storage for art supplies. I said that it was embarrassing to not be able to set up the ladder in there due to the overflow on the floor. "Let me say this," he said. "I've seen so many things over the years but to see such a large amount of art supplies rather than unnecessary shoes or expensive show-off clothes is something I never see. I would love to know what you do with all of it. To me it's the most interesting closet I've ever seen! And you're painting in the bathroom! Original! Usually, I see bottles of makeup etc. not tubes of paint! Never apologize for being you."
Nice guy who brightened my day!!! I can't seem to work in a tidy space. But I do have to have the kitchen and living room tidy. When the AC guy was leaving he said, "Besides, you've got very clean main rooms, who needs to know what you do in your bathroom or closet? Get back to creating!"

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