Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The felting supplies arrived yesterday and with them some roving in, you guessed it, purple, brown, green, and white! Not colors I would have chosen but they do make an interesting palette. MMMMmm, the blue above should be purple! So much for scanners picking up the correct color!
Another day lost to low energy and pesky allergies! There is a wind advisory until tomorrow night at about 10pm , how do they know that the wind will abate then? The 40-60 mile an hour winds have caused some damage plus the dust creates havoc with allergies. And here I thought I wouldn't have as many allergies after moving here. Traded the miserable pine pollen one in for desert dust!
I did get the hem turned up on a shirt I'm making and now need to make a trip to a fabric store, not close by, to get some buttons. I was positive that I had a stash of buttons but I must have dreamt that I did. I played with painting on tin foil a couple of days ago, but have no idea what to do with the experiments. I imagine that a mixed media piece will be begging for them someday. Stashes are created by experimenting with lots of techniques and then storing them until needed; sounds like a recipe! One can never have too many hand-made embellishments.

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