Saturday, February 24, 2007


What is a photographer to do when there doesn't seem to be anything to photograph? Point the camera at the ground! Two holes were dug and concrete poured in readiness for the shade structure that hopefully will be installed on Monday or Tuesday! The pieces are stacked against the back wall! While viewing the hole from my bedroom window and lamenting the fact that I haven't felt inspired enough in days to point my camera at anything I thought that it might be fun to keep a documentation of the backyard. In a storage container I found a spiral bound notebook with pocket dividers in three sections perfect for storing tags clipped off of plants. I used to save the tags in a Sunset gardening book but now that I'm in the throes of planting a yard from scratch a notebook might be a better approach.

I just hauled 4 huge newly planted pots containing fragile tomato plants out of the garage back into the sunlight! The wind seems to have abated and the forecast is clear sunny days again. I had hoped to spend the weekend experimenting with something worthy enough to post on ExpressionVillage only to find that the energy levels are closer to zero than I had hoped for! Stacy is very ill with a cough that kept us up most of the night, mom is wandering around in an Alzheimer's daze and I seem to have a version of "the cold." DRAT!
I've decided to start posting on again!

I bought some muslin yesterday that I had hoped to play with. Armed with a couple of patterns for some quick pants and tops the idea is to cut out the pieces and stamp, paint and embellish them before sewing them together. I need some clothes to wear when the temps soar and can't find ready-mades that I can afford. I did cut out a top a couple of days ago and have been working on it. After a 30 year hiatus from sewing I am a bit rusty but what a delight to discover that fusible pellon has replaced that nasty heavy need-to-basted pellon that I had stopped using. Now if I can just keep edge stitching lines straight!!
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