Wednesday, July 01, 2015

July 1, PhotoTherapy

Where did June go? Zoooooom! Actually, I know where it went,
 I spent days looking in vain for photos of
my girls when they were young. Somehow nearly all of them disappeared during
the 2006 move. How could that happen?? I will never got over the loss of
those memories. The only thing that has helped me through the despair is that
 in my mother's thing were some photos, small bonus size ones, and I found an
envelope of 110 Instamatic negatives that I've been scanning. But every time I scan one
photo I remember another lost one and the tears flow. My heart has always gone out
to those who have lost households in disasters but the difference is that they know what happened.
The loss of belongings to house fires or natural disasters can't be easy, but I will never know
where the photos ended up. In the midst of the search realization hit. 
I haven't seen any of the photos since the move so I knew that I had to give
 up the search and let go. 

My girls are in the 40's which is a huge shock to me! I feel like I was just in my 40's! 
Anyway, neither of them needs much so I thought I'd create books for their Birthdays this year Moments from birth to current. Thus the search for the photos.
 I've made books from Blub before but wonder
if there is another source that might be better. 

During the rough times I often get lost for weeks
reading book after book. The other thing that helps is
working with photos. So, I'm coining the term PhotoTherapy. 

A sunburned rose, layered/blended with 
textured layers that I created.

Plumeria with a textured layer.

Memories of Rome, 2009, layered with
an image of tree photo taken in Pebble Beach, CA

Palo Verde Desert tree with a texture layer.

Corey at 18 months after proudly painting her face.
Added a texture layer to further distress
 the image. 

Happily, the above photo was in a box
of miscellaneous photos. It's the 
only one I have of a joyous day.
After 14 days in the hospital with 
lung issues, Corey joined her
3 year old sister Stacy.
Textured later added.

At 11 months Corey stood up and walked.
Textured layer added. 


Penny said...

it is amazing how we can lose things, especially photos after a move. treasure what you have, some may still turn up.

queenopearls said...

Gail, your photos are stunning! Photo-therapy sounds perfect.
I feel you on the missing photos.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

We were moving years ago and our car was broken into...suitcases taken and a large packet of our photos...end of story, the robbers tossed the photos onto the street and a good person saw my mother's address in the packet and mailed it to her? You never know and I hope your precious photos show up!
Photo therapy is working ...beautiful treatments...tender memories.

Julie said...

I'm sorry to hear of your tears, Gail. I think we do take our photo memories for granted and often don't look at them for years, just accepting that they'll be there. I'm glad you have these beautiful happy photographs of your daughters. A personal book is a great idea, especially with your added artwork.