Saturday, May 16, 2015

Vignettes from the garden

Often I dream about leaving the house with the camera and driving to
new places, but then reality sets in and I once again find that it's 
better if I stay home; safer that way.
I'm a believer that photos are everywhere if we look at our 
surroundings with "new eyes." Some times it takes looking through
the viewfinder to see the ordinary in a new way. 

A pot of Agave is interesting enough
but what if the image is layered with a photo of barrel cactus?

Two daily visitors in the yard are more interesting with
multiple textured layers subtly done.

A blending of various cactus and textures.

Every spring a few Orioles arrive. They're particularly fond
of the hummingbird feeder and let me know when it's 
empty. I've probably photographed around a 100 shots of them
and finally got a different one today. Eureka! Getting a side
view this good has taken years. 
Extracted from the boring background of
the hummer feeder and layered with a succulent image followed
by texture layers and my Saturday has gone from
bleak to one full of Joy!


Penny said...

So glad you are finding joy in doing your own thing, this oriole is so lovely. I think as we get older it is hard to say do I really need to do that? Not that it stops me from wanting a trip somewhere but at the moment lack of money, plus the ageing process rather stops those thoughts in their tracks!!

Julie said...

We don't have Orioles in the UK, thay are beautiful and your photo treatment of this one is equally beautiful. I love the blend of cacti and textures too. It goes to show that we should take more time to really look at our surroundings. Even when I'm not going anywhere I still rush through the day trying to cram so much in and rarely look or feel properly. Even though I know I do it I don't seem to be able to stop.

karen christensen said...

Sometimes I forget that my own backyard is a photographers wonderland. Your layering photos are absolutely wonderful!

queenopearls said...

Stunning photos and layers! :) You never cease to amaze me Gail! Thank you for taking the time to share these! You rock!!! You are SO right about "new eyes"... great point!
~ Christina

Gail Mathot said...

Gorgeous and inspiring, thank you.