Monday, May 11, 2015

Digital Expressions

Simple collage.
Photos from earlier this month of 
The Grand Finale of the
 Sea Urchin Cactus.

Moon over the Salton Sea.
The base photo is of the Salton Sea.
The train image was taken at the Salton Sea.
The weeds in the foreground are an image from
the Back Bay in Costa Mesa. The moon is from
last August.

The Salton Sea is rapidly disappearing and if
it's not saved the air here
in the Palm Springs area
will become toxic
resulting in 
numerous health issues. 

The base photo is a vintage portrait of a man in uniform. His hands are in his
lap and ended up blended with both the parrot and cockatiels claws.
Two texture layers were added along with text. 

The base photo is a double image of the Palatine in Rome; a magical
trip six years ago. 
Other layers are a Sea Urchin Cactus and a dove.

I dream of being in Rome again; birds
represent freedom to me, if only I could
take fight and appear in Italy!

The base photo is a Salton Sea building. 
Layers of textures. I create all of the texture layers I use. 

Note: I just recently became aware that some of my images have
been pinned on Pinterest, being that my work is original it's my
hope that my copyright is honored. Thank you.

Train near the Salton Sea. 
Building below the track is a miniature train building.
Two layers of textures.

There is a mysterious quality around
the Salton Sea. This image
evokes not only mystery but a
desolate feeling that
hits me every time I visit
 the Salton Sea. 

A manipulated vintage photo of a woman layered
with an image of a Gazania flower against
Barrel Cactus. 

The story goes that an aunt was a Ziegfeld Follies
Dancer who was known for her
dramatic approach to life.
This image is in honor of her.


Penny said...

Really like these collages. The train is especially interesting.

queenopearls said...

STELLAR collages Gail! You know how I love the Sea Urchins. I adore them all yet lean toward the ones with the flowers in them. :) the Palatine collage is amazing!! Yay!!!!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Your combining and layering of images is stunning. There is a quiet here and a strength of vision...beautiful!

Pam Huggins said...

AMAZING photo collages!!!! I LOVE them ALL!!!!!
Wow Gail- just WOW!!!

Pam Huggins said...

AMAZING photo collages!!!! I LOVE them ALL!!!!!
Wow Gail- just WOW!!!