Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wonderfulicious Wednesday

I was browsing through the blog and realized that it's been a year since I posted
a Wonderfulicious Wednesday post. Seems that I forgot that I intended to post at
least once a week. Energy being a low commodity around here, both mine and Stacy's,
not much gets done some weeks. We're a sad duo! Lots of good intentions never happen.

 Wonderfulicious is something that sparks joy! And the above photo
does just that. Sadly, the original photo is among the lost ones but
I do have the 110 Instamatic negative. Though, the negative is in
bad shape. Good thing that I'm very fond of a distressed look! 
Layered with 2 textured layers this image is once again a favorite!
Corey was around 4 at the time this was taken. She liked Mac Davis!
The pillow on the floor is one that I wove on a a free standing loom that
my ex built for me. 1974.

On Saturday when I photographed the hibiscus in the last post
I glanced down and saw this! Leaf on Mushroom or maybe it's a 
Toadstool? Nature often arranges things in such perfect ways!

During one of many days futilely searching for the
photos I came across a weaving from
the 80's. Hung it in the hallway to
see if it should be hung. Decided against
it, too much of a dust catcher, but it
did bring me joy to see it again. Though,
looking at it now I see lots of areas I'd
do differently today. 
I probably sold over 100 needle-woven
hangings in the 80's. Two galleries were
in Carmel and one in Monterey. I was
starting to feel like an assembly
line and was relieved when the
galleries went out of business.

The print on the wall is one I
purchased at the La Quinta Art Festival
a few years ago. The Indian Head sculpture
is one a few metal sculptures an ex created. He
had lots of talent but was impossible to live with. RIP!

So, there you have it, some Wonderfuliciousness. . . 


Penny said...

Lovely word, not sure I am full of it at the moment.I will survive!! love to you both.

Caterina Giglio said...

absolutely ... wonderfuliciousness... great photo of Corey, which is also my grand daughters name, spelled Kori.. : ) and that curled leaf on the shroom... swoon worthy... you have such a great eye. xox

Julie said...

That's a great word and a lovely image of Corey.