Friday, August 22, 2014

Through the Viewfinder -

 I often challenge myself to "see" my surroundings in a new ways. So, I
 pick up the camera and capture "sightings" through the viewfinder. This week
a few Agave fronds captured my attention.
Recently I moved the Agave to its current location next to the decaying painted pot.
But it wasn't until the morning light hit both of them that I realized how perfect they
are together. (Note to self, move things around.)

 The daily hummingbird visitors are usually not as still as this one was. The branch is on
a grape vine just outside of my bedroom window.
 I was on the phone with my daughter having one of our
marathon chatting sessions when I picked up the camera and zoomed in. 
Out of 4 images I was able to get this one is my favorite. 

In my garden this cactus bloom is nearly as photographed as the the 
white Sea Urchin blooms are. I usually go outside to photograph the blooms but
on Tuesday the sky was so thick with dust that the nearby mountains were invisible. 
Who knew that shooting the image from inside would create a better
 background than usual? 
(note to self, keep looking for different perspectives)

 Earlier today my thoughts were chaotic, as they often do, when
the light on the palm fronds caught my attention. This time of year for a short time
when the sun comes through the dining room window the light on the fronds is
stupendous. During the few minutes it took to aim the camera and shoot
a few images my thoughts shifted and became calmer.
I've come to realize lately that my
form of meditation is photography; it gets me outside of
my head. When I'm engaged in capturing what I see through the viewfinder I'm in a much
better place. 
 I don't think it can be said enough, Art Heals!

The lighting on the palm fronds danced even
more in the above version. Love apps!

And speaking of light, I happened to look out front a few
minutes ago and noticed that a tree, whose name I can't remember, 
was perfectly lit. Images are everywhere.

Love the quote from this article. "The day you stop worrying about what you can buy, (photography
equipment)  and instead turn your attention to where you can go and what you can
 experience will be one of the happier days of your life."


Caterina Giglio said...

wonderful photos, it is so nice to see the world thru your eyes! that photo of the hummer is superb! and Yes to moving things around! I have several, 4 to be exact Crepe Myrtles that need to find homes since they are shaded under a nice big Live Oak, so I will need to find someone who can move them and that will be a lovely large change! xoxo

queenopearls said...

Gorgeous photos! I am SO glad you treated yourself to this new camera... I am reaping the benefit of the great shots. :)))
Love your note to self.

Pam Huggins said...

All glorious photos! The hummingbird photo is especially wonderful!!!

Marilyn said...

Gail, your photos are wonderful. The little hummer seems very content to just sit and see the world from his viewpoint. Love your cactus bloom. We have one in our front yard and I enjoy taking photos of it too.