Saturday, August 09, 2014

August Happenings

 Feather fabric sun print. Painted fabric. Machine Stitched. 
Painted canvas board.

 Jumble of leaves on work table.
Some of the leaves have been scanned or photographed
 for digital or fabric work.

 During the rainstorm last Sunday an outdoor circuit died after an extension
cord tripped the reset button. Mind you
this is the circuit that the fountain, drip system, and outdoor lights are plugged into.
There are now 3 extension cords running across the yard to the fountain; sitting water
is a magnet for mosquitoes carrying West Nile.
I miss the outdoor lights at night but not nearly as much as I'm missing the automatic
drip system! Triple digit temps and hand-watering . . . well, I could either whine about
it until an electrician can come to replace the circuit or turn the unpleasant time into photography
sessions. I always say that there are photographs everywhere and to prove it I shot
the above one this morning. iPhoneography at its best. 

Digital piece. Trio of leaves. Acrylic painting. 

I still can't figure out where July went! Anyone 
have a clue?


queenopearls said...

Wonderful photos!!! Love the leaves and you know how I feel about the feather one and the wet pavement.. wunderbar. :)))
Summers there are brutally hot and yet you've found some joyous delights!!!
May the electrician come soon... very soon!!!

Karen Christensen said...

And indeed you found some great shots! Really like the feather sun print. The trio of leaves is absolutely stunning, well taken Gail!

PAMO said...

Gorgeous GORGEOUS GORGEOUS photos!

Sorry about your electrical issues but it does sound like you've made the best of it.

I haven't a clue where July went. Time escapes me.