Thursday, June 30, 2011


Playing with PSE is my way of doodling. The more I look at this result the more I want to tweak it by making the whites brighter, but for now I'll leave it alone. Using a photo of an abstract painting that I did last year I cropped a section of it and when the color was removed I started playing with filters and levels. It helps that the abstract painting is deeply textured.

This is not only fun to watch and listen to but inspiring. It's an old YouTube that is making the rounds again.

Not much new on the home front, just plugging along.

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ART*ticulation said...

I love this piece, I'm doing a Texture Tues with PS online and have been for a while. She creates textures in person then takes a photo of it then uses the texture on top of photos of other things. The texture you did is very much like what she creates on paper or canvas. Very kewl!
Video is wonderful I wish I would have heard this way back when :>)