Saturday, June 11, 2011


Tomorrow is the deadline for submissions for Seth Apter's next "Pulse." And of course I'm no where near done with the my submission. This is a photo that I played with today while attempting to create a still life. I lean more toward found-art that I discover rather than setting up a scene. I did end up with something, completely different from this outtake, that I'm pleased with. In case you can't tell what this is, it's a brown egg placed on top of a weathered candlestick pillar.

I received an expected phone call yesterday, mom will be discharged on the 14th from the nursing home. She's run out of insurance; am I ready for this? The respite has been a blessing.

Sally Huss: Resolving to be happy resolves a multitude of unhappy circumstances.


Julie said...

I hadn't appreciated the reason your mom is being discharged from her nursing home! In the UK we are so lucky. At the moment (and I suppose it could change) the local council has to pay for people who need care once their capital goes below £23000. They have to meet the shortfall between the person's income and the cost of the care. Mind you, they have to agree that the person meets the criterion for care and they are getting tougher. Things are set to change but people will still be awarded money to pay for care if they run out of their own. I count my blessings. (It does mean that if you own a property and need care you have to sell your property, it is not available to pass to your children).

La Dolce Vita said...

oh Gail... my heart goes out to you... take everything slowly... sending you hugs...