Tuesday, March 30, 2010


March Madness is nearly over, the month that in the past has been fraught with stressful events and a few losses. My trip to see Roger was spectacular. The weather was amazing and the traveling was okay even waiting in line to get the rental car. The wait was over an hour and when I discovered that the two women in line behind me were heading for Carmel I couldn't resist telling that I had lived in that area for 31 years. The hour flew by while we chatted.
The above photo was taken near where the nursing home is in Greenbrae. Nice area, though, a bit too crowded for me. The desert is so peaceful compared to anywhere that I've lived so I find it difficult sharing my space with so many people. The high-light of my visit happened on the last day when I was told that Roger  had been pulling himself out of the wheelchair while hanging onto a parallel bar. He's paralyzed on the left side so that's a feat. The PT decided it was time for Roger to take some steps but that didn't happen on the first time out of the chair, but it did on the second and third until he'd taken 16 steps. To say the least I couldn't be more thrilled and I was the one who got to see it. The PT moves his left foot and he did the right. We were told in the beginning that he probably would never be able to stand, he's sure proving the doctors wrong.

We sat outside quite a bit and the image of a wisteria vine was shot through an umbrella. I am always drawn to lines, texure, and patterns.

Quote: Find some nice moments and hang onto them. Sally Huss


Kim said...

What a fabulous photo of the wisteria! So pleased to hear that Roger has taken steps and how wonderful you were there to see!

Anonymous said...

Gail- As I'm reading your post I am just filled with joy for both you and Roger. It is truly, truly amazing! He is such a fighter- and you are one remarkable lady. Your photos are gorgeous as always. WOW! I'm just so thrilled!!!

La Dolce Vita said...

oh Gail!! that is fabulous news! I wish Drs would keep their prognosis to themselves and let the patient decide what they want. I have seen so many people recover from things that medicos did not believe.

Have you heard of Joe Dispenza? he has a great video titled, Evolve your Brain about the power of the mind in healing the body, it is all scientific and just marvelous!
your photos are just stunning too. so happy for you both! xxx's

ART*ticulation said...

Excellent!!!!!! What more can I say? I believe in the power of people and Roger has proved to be a very strong person...inside and out.
I'm also of course thrilled for you and the fact YOU got to experience his first steps. You both ROCK!!!!