Saturday, March 13, 2010

In the Studio

Creating a one-of-a-kind, aka, ooak, piece of fabric is sublime. I've finally started dyeing and painting fabric again, what the hold-up was is beyond me; feel free to fill in the reason with any excuse.

So, bleach discharge, just plain old bleach, rubber stamps, sponges, corrugated cardboard and a folded piece where the bleach didn't reach the interior but that's okay. I'm not sure what the manufacture is or where I purchased the black fabric, but it worked unlike the first black yardage did. Interesting that some fabrics are resistant to bleach being that nothing I ever wear is.

I also poured some really old mixed dye, from last May, all over a piece of soda ashed muslin and it's been brewing for days now. I'm in no rush to rinse it out especially seeing how the dyers-in-the-know say that dye loses it's intensity every day it sits. I'm not fond of the unbleached muslin that I purchased many years ago anyway, so there's nothing to lose.

Quote: Doubt is a signal of the creative process. Julia Cameron


Anonymous said...

Looks so original and lovely! What will you do with it? Got a smile over how bleach discharge always works on clothes- how true!

Kim said...

These look fabulous Gail! A great creative day! I've been doing a little dye play recently too, with red cabbage! Now there's some inmteresting results too! I have the same problem with bleach, nothing I wear is impervious to it either, LOL!

Seth said...

These are quite wonderful. Would be great to use in a mixed media piece!