Monday, March 01, 2010

Nuggets of Joy

There was something cathartic about finishing the Puzzlement Challenge Piece, quite unexpected actually. It was as if a weight had been lifted once I posted about the piece; I had no idea that I was hanging on so strongly to so many weighty emotions that seem to have lightened up now.

A few nights ago while a pot of rice was cooking I took the opportunity to sit in one of my favorite places in the yard, the left rear side near a tree with a different view of the house; I often end up sitting on the patio in this photo. As the sun set I sipped my drink and finished reading a novel. Once the intense summer heat hits I will no longer be able to enjoy pleasant evenings outdoors, so I captured it with my Canon Powershot.  The photo of the cactus is directly to the left of where I was sitting.

There are many Nuggets of Joy in my own surroundings as I'm sure there are in everyone's.

Quote: I thought I'd leave you with a lighter quote by Anne Lamott, the last two have been heavy ones.

"Joy is the best makeup."

— Anne Lamott (Grace [Eventually]: Thoughts on Faith


Kim said...

So lovely to see you and your creativity back again Gail. Oh too funny, the word verification is actup. Why not, LOL!

Julie said...

What a wonderful oasis your garden looks. I'm glad you have found some release from the weight of some of your worries.