Monday, March 08, 2010

Nuggets of Joy

Yesterday, Sunday, winter decided  that the desert needed more rain; that was okay with me. It was a nice day to work on a few projects while the rain lightly dripped down my clean window. You know what they say is always true; wash your car or windows and it'll rain.
I photographed the garden while it was wet and soggy to remind myself when the temps stay over 100+ for months on end that we did have a very pleasant winter this year. I won't bore you those photos that are destined for my journal, but the stains on the patio created marvelous abstracts. Perfect for manipulating in PSE and Nuggets of Joy!
The following quote was on Laura Cater-Woods' newsletter a couple of days ago. It reminds me of how my mother now sees the world. Mom will look at something, comment on it, look away for maybe a second or two and return to the TV, food, magazine, view out the window or whatever and act as if it's the first time she's seen what is in front of her and make the same comment. Everything is new to her again and again and again. The mind of a person with Alzheimer's is interesting. Nothing is old or boring, but that also means that nothing enters her memory bank; it's been wiped clean.

Quote: I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead; I lift my eyes and all is born again. " Sylvia Plath


Julie said...

You're right, they're wonderful abstracts! I had that newsletter too but I ripped through it and missed the Sylvia Plath quote. You're right, it's very apt for someone with Alzheimer's and really, what a wonderful way to think of that view of the world.

La Dolce Vita said...

FABULOUS abstracts!!

Anonymous said...

I've really been enjoying your posts of late- I'm glad you've had the time and space to create. You are always in my thoughts.