Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More handmade paper

These two were failures from last spring, or at least they were boring. The circle one has a new layer of pulp added on top near the bottom and the lines were re-rusted.

The other small 4x6 inch piece has quite a bit of layering added to it, more collage-like, plus a heart.

Rather than clog up this blog with photos, after all I already chat too much on it, I started one specifically for photos. I'm currently taking an online class, details of which are on the new blog, but don't ask for details about how the photos are done. Instead, sign up for a class. The blog is here: I studied fine art photography for years, not that it shows!, so snapshots are difficult for me to do. It's an entirely different mind-set.

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Seth said...

If these amazing sheets of paper are the failures...I cannot imagine what the successes look like! Bring in the rust.

darlene aKa HugGeR said...

Failures??? I'll take your failures any day Gail. I absolutely love these!!!!!!

Julie said...

I agree Gail, they are beautiful failures! I have a very weak spot for rust but have not yet tried it with paper.

Thank you very much for the award you gave me recently. I'm sorry I haven't blogged it yet but life, hospital tests and a wonky laptop have got in the way!

Val Foster said...

I love everything you do with rust. And I love handmade paper. I have piles of it I should start using. It never occurred to me to rust it. What a great idea! These are both really great. You are so adventurous.