Friday, August 24, 2007


This adorable little girl turned 81 today! Happy Birthday mom!
Mom at 19.

Alzheimer's is robbing mom of so many of her memories and skills; I know that if she really knew how much ground she's lost since her last birthday she'd be more frustrated and angry than she is. My aunt and uncle took mom out to lunch yesterday and sadly mom already can't remember where they ate or what she had; she does remember that she enjoyed the outing. Stacy and I are taking her to dinner tonight and then we'll come home and have Cheesecake!

There hasn't been a lot of quality time in the "studio" lately which always brings on a "case-of-the-crankies." I'm in the midst of hemming a long skirt made from rusted muslin and hope to get that done before we go to dinner. A mandala, felted, that I've been working on for the last few months has me stumped! Where did one of the major pieces for it run off to? I had wrapped a chenille stem with rusted fabric and if I didn't have a photo of the mandala-in-progress I would think that I was losing my brain cells! It seems that I've forgotten to take care of a few things recently which has me a bit concerned. If I haven't had bouts of brain-fog off and on over the years caused by the FM I might become hysterical and assume that I'm heading down the path for Alzheimer's! But seeing how I still have problem-solving skills, which mom no longer has, I'll just assume that I'm stressed over the recent events of dealing with more family health issues.

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Raewyn said...

Your Mum was beautiful Gail.
I see a very strong similarity to her daughter :-)
Please wish her a Happy Birthday from me in Kiwiland.
I am sure you are not going down the same track - don't fear!!