Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Non-objective. Abstract. Acrylic painting.Tribute to Art Under the Umbrellas in Old Town, La Quinta. The season of art shows wrapped up last Sat. and I finally felt good enough to attend the last one, well, the last ones held in La Quinta. click here. Next month there will be an art festival in Indian Wells. Quinta is pronounced more like keynta than Quinn, in case anyone is interested. On my monitor the colors need to be darker . . . isn't that always the way?

quote: Why won't you run in the rain and play, let the tears
splash all over you? 
   Dave Matthews Band


queenopearls said...

What a gorgeous garden spire of a flower. Or at least that is what I see with the garden looming large behind. :) Very fun, thank you!!!

Caterina Giglio said...

LOVE this piece... so glad you are feeling better!