Friday, March 22, 2013

Fractured Grid #2

 Lines. Portals. Splashes of color. Windows. Doors. Fences. Fractured moments in ones life.
Detail of Fractured Grid #2. (wish I could get the colors on the monitor correct . . .)

Rather than mourn the loss of my father, thirteen years ago today, I'm celebrating his birth. He loved to paint, so I'm spending the day doing that for him.


Julie said...

A wonderful way to be close to your father, Gail, and I like the pieces you've produced with him in mind. It's very special to have this shared love of creating art with your Dad. He gave you a great legacy and lives on through your creativity. I didn't know until I was in my 40's that my Dad had wanted to paint and he only ever made one painting to my knowledge which I have here. He copied someone else's painting but he had a natural flair which it would have been wonderful if he could have developed so maybe I too am continuing my father's legacy.

Penny said...

Looking good!

Karen Christensen said...

a beautiful tribute!