Saturday, March 09, 2013

Release #2

Sometimes, more often than I care for, life hits a road bump along the way. Nothing major happened this week, but health-wise it wasn't a good week. Isn't there a stronger word for fatigue? Even exhaustion isn't strong enough of a word. Seems that the immune system wasn't happy this week and while I tried to figure out why it seems that perhaps the best thing to do is to surrender/accept what is rather than pester the glitch/bump to death. Pestering only makes something fester more. I like to fix things things so it's not easy to accept something as being a bump rather than a road-block and give it time to  . . . well, do whatever it needs to do. Maybe in this case I need to slow-down?
    This 5x7 piece started out life completely different than it ended up. I didn't photograph the layers underneath but suffice it say they were graphic in nature. Perhaps I needed to release anger over the mind-numbing fatigue by throwing paint at something and this tiny canvas was an easy target. The turmoil I felt this week was a reminder to "Release." The painting I did last month with the word-of-the-year written on it was soothing. March is never a soothing month as I remember those who passed on in March. It's time to celebrate their lives. Grieving is part of my past history. Creating a new history is about celebration and gratitude.

Speaking of gratitude; I'm always blown away by the first leaves to appear on the grape vines on what appears to be dead wood. Six leaves and counting. Actually, five leaves after I ate one. They are sort of peppery so I wouldn't want too many of them raw in a salad or green smoothie but they could liven up a dish. Plus, they're organic on the vines in the yard. Click here. and here.

Quote: "The more one hurries, the less time they have. Got that from an accelerated learning course I once took." www.tut.come


hw (hallie) farber said...

I think these art works are helpful. During February I made a few--one was the peace sign with a bar through it. It didn't bring peace, but it felt good to get it out of my head and onto something (my iPad) I could look at. I hope March eases its grip. Feel better.

Penny said...

One week up, and the next down, it is always hard when a good week is followed by a nasty one. Keep painting when you can. Hugs.

Julie said...

Slowing down is a good idea although not always easy to do. I can't imagine how bad your fatigue is but I can identify with a level of fatigue that goes deep into your bones and makes even lying down feel an effort. Don't beat yourself up about it and rest as much as you feel able to. You will get past it, maybe quicker than if you keep ploughing relentlessly on through it. Do as much or as little as it takes and April will soon arrive. xx

Caterina Giglio said...

i have dreams about your grapevines... the abundance of them... mmmm

marieJ' said...

..ahhh..early spring,new grape leaves,everything springs back..
only wish I could slow clock from chasing those minutes lol