Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Verification Madness Update or Anti-Verification

I've had a few spammers "try" to leave comments, but they haven't gotten past  "Comments Moderation - Always" that has been in place on my blog since the beginning. It might not be convenient for those who have a lot of traffic on their blogs, but I prefer it  over deleting spammers who have posted. (Settings > Comments > Comments Moderation > Always.) Plus, when I hit "publish" on an email I can immediately reply to the person who has taken the time to leave a comment. Works for me. Oh, and one more thing, on your dashboard you can, and should, check the "spam tab" on your comments and delete those ******* spammers.

Every year I'm in awe when leaves start sprouting on what appears to be deadwood. Grape vines are deceiving. On the left we have a close-up of some citrus buds. Both images were captured with Camera+ on the iphone. Just plain ole photos.


Anonymous said...

I disabled mine too because I've been having such trouble leaving comments myself on other blogs. I can never read the second verification word. I guess I'll have to see how long I can outlast the spammers. Beautiful photos BTW. Camera+ is sort of my staple.

Anonymous said...

Great images!!! Camera+ always does the trick!!

I went to moderation as well....haven't had any problems...and I do like being able to reply to comments when I see them!