Saturday, February 25, 2012

Constructed Image

 Sand dunes in Palm Desert. Camera+. The sharpness could have been better, but I was in the car when I shot this image.
I will most likely do some more work on this piece once I figure out how to add some black. In the meantime  . . .  this constructed image started out as a photo of creases in the blanket on the bed. Yep, I was bored, so I photographed everything around me. The latest additions were created using the PhotoForge App that had immediately frozen after downloading it. Going into settings by clicking on the name PhotoForge on the screen I restored all apps purchases and I don't have a clue  why but suddenly the App worked. If all else fails, start over, unplug devices and give them a break . . .
     I particularly like the history list that can be found on the clock icon; it's rare when I remember what I've done from point A to Z.

A couple of new photos on the photo blog.

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