Friday, May 28, 2010

Influences and more discharging

Thanks Joyce, Vickie W. Christina, Caterina, hwfarber, and Lise for leaving comments, your names have been added to the give-away list. (Let me know if I've missed anyone) I've enjoyed your comments!!

I should be out in the garage, the temp is cooler today; it's been way too hot the last two days, but I wanted to get these posted, that's the story that sounds better than I feel like road-kill and would rather be in bed. While I was trying to find more room to stash more fabric I came across the fat quarters that I bought in March when I visited Roger in Greenbrae. There was a fabric store near the hotel, anyway, what struck me instantly is how those pieces of fabric have influenced some of the dyeing I've recently done. I haven't seen the quarters in awhile so maybe it's the other way around? I purchased what I'd like to create in the way of color choices and textures? Over the weekend I worked with avocado and dark green and a variety of white fabrics. Very interesting that I had purchased similar colors a few months ago. On the top example of the greens is mono printing with print paste. On the right is a waffle fabric that shrinks and creates a waffle texture when washed. I've found remants of it over the years. Below that is cheesecloth. The piece in the bottom center is over-dyed over a not so stellar DSP, however, the pattern created by the DSP is quite interesting now. In the center below the mono printed piece is a grid pattern white-on-white fabric.And on the left top is a piece of crinkle cloth and below that is a gauzy fabric. Why the variety? How about a monochromatic art quilt based on a variety of textures? I'm doing the same with rust and grey, and reds.
 I finally got a decent black, though, it's not brilliant/rich enough, but it's black with some bluing at the edges. These two pieces are DSP (Deconstructed Screen Printed.) The goal is to get a rich black that doesn't look faded nor has a green, blue, or red cast to it. Something to aspire to, I guess.
Quote: “Always aim your goals and aspiration for the moon, because even if you don't make it, you'll always end up reaching the stars”


Kim Palmer said...

I like the mono printed piece here Gail, probably the stark contrast against the white is the appeal for me. I also like the piece that was over dyed. Interestingly the pattern is more appealing now with the overdying. Good luck on the search for the true black, that's going to be quite a challenge to achieve!

Anonymous said...

I read a comment recently in a book or on a blog... from an "expert" who said as artists- we might have six ideas throughout our life that we return to again and again. Perhaps that is what happened with your fabric- simply an artistic idea that you revisit.
I remember my love affair with fabric so well- now I will just enjoy it through you!

Julie said...

I hope you're feeling a bit better by today Gail. I am in sympathy here with you as I have been overdoing things this week and now I'm suffering too :o( Nothing a couple of days rest shouldn't put right. I'm enjoying following your dyeing and discharging.

queenopearls said...

Beautiful art cloth Gail! I adore the monoprinted pieces and the overdyed DSP is wonderful. Very organic and warm.

Doreen K. said...

Wow, I love seeing all the experimenting that you are doing. You have same fabulous pieces. Happy blogaversary !!! We are getting our 1st 100's of the year this Thursday and Friday. It's been a weird spring.