Monday, May 24, 2010

Discharge experiments continued and Blogaversary

First off, thanks to Kim, Julie, Darlene, Penny, Marilyn, Nellie, Seth, and Joyce for leaving comments for the Blogaversary give-away. If you'd like to be included leave me a comment. (Forgive me for not replying but I'm a bit distracted right now, see below.) Please let me know if I've forgotten anyone.

It was 100 degrees last Thursday but a cold front moved through and we were near freezing yesterday, well freezing for us! A low in the 80's on Sat. and 70 degrees yesterday. Nothing left to do but take advantage of it and if my energy and physical strength had lasted longer than it did I might have dyed and discharged bolts instead of yardage. But I'm happy with the results, some of which I'll share. A few pieces have blown me away and when I create something from them I'll share them then. Suffice it to say that I'm mystified and in awe of what discharging can do. The variables are the key and my notes aren't helpful. I have to do better at immediately jotting down things like the temp in the garage and the age of the discharge paste and dye. . . . and so it goes.

A few pieces are both discharged with bleach and Thiox. (no examples on this post.) And, yes, I'm getting browns, greys, cream, and some white all on the same piece of fabric. Amazing. I've screen printed some and brushed on discharge paste on others; I've only scratched the surface.

Sometimes blogger can drive me crazy! None of the photos are in the right orientation or placement! Oh well, today I don't feel like coping with that as I have an appointment with the garage that I don't want to miss. It's supposed to be in the 80's again today and 90's the rest of the week. Bah!

Quote: Want to have a perfect day? Decide to have one. Sally Huss


Vicki W said...

These are all cool pieces!

Penny said...

Looking good

queenopearls said...

Wow, ... wow... love it!
Wearing the Darth Vader (respirator) mask has paid off totally.
::: eeeecccchhhh
whooooooooooo :::::

La Dolce Vita said...

obviously I missed the blogaversary! count me in! and I hope you have some cool days, we are just now getting heat and you will laugh but my grapes are just NOW showing signs of leafing out!! your work is incredible as always!! xoxo

hwfarber said...

I've been following quietly for a while. I think I spent an evening reading your blogs--interesting designs. I have no idea what things like Thiox are but I know Clorox. After reading about vinegar and rust; I'm anxious to try it on a white linen skirt that's never been worn--bought 3 years ago. I'll have to find my box of rusted junk (I know where the railroad ties are). By the time I actually get it done, winter will be here.

I'm not commenting because of the giveaway--you have an interesting blog.

Joyce said...

Love the look of that discharging. Now that it is not raining and with near hurricane winds here, I hope to get some dyeing and discharging done outside. Have you tried flour paste resist? It sometimes ends up looking a bit like batik but without the nuisance of heating and removing the wax.

Lise said...

Happy Anniversary! And thanks for the inspiration !


Kim Palmer said...

Your weather is crazy Gail! Wow, you are getting some fabulous results from all this activity! Love the top pice and the brown shades. I know what you mean about note taking during experiments. I get carried away with what I'm doing and forget to take them until well afterwards then of course can't remember half the details! Oh well, I love a good challenge and apparently so do you, LOL!